I am a guy who went from a state school to an all boy’s boarding school from the ages 13-18. I am of mixed Asian/European decent and I live in England. In school, I became very depressed and you have most likely heard that story many times from other people…

At the age of 16, I got into this weird old thing called ‘Pick-up artistry’ which is essentially a community for narcissists, misogynists  and straight-up weirdos to better their ‘skills’ at ‘pulling hot chicks’. It was a long and cringe-worthy journey, where I made a complete fool of myself with the mistakes that I have made. In the few years I had encountered women possibly in the thousands. I lost count, but it was a lot. If you are a female in the UK there may be a chance that I have hit on you already so, for that, I deeply apologise for making you feel uncomfortable.

I have made this blog to help guys avoid the mistakes I have, and possibly learn things to help them in their pursuit of love. That is another point by the way, this is not a blog on how to ‘get laid’. This is a blog designed to help guys find and maintain a… not bad relationship… that isn’t bad… in my opinion. I am clearly not a great salesman… Hence why this information is FREE!

The other reason why I think this information is important is because of the divorce rate. My parents got divorced when I was young and if I can help future relationships become more stable, then hopefully children in the future will have a happier upbringing.

DISCLAIMER: This blog can be harsh, if you are likely to become socially sheltered due to criticism/mild insults, then this blog is is probably not for you.

Thank you for your precious time x

Unleash yourself day by day…