So called shit tests

PUAs said that girls try to check how alpha of a PUA you are. Apparently, they do this by putting you down or putting you on the spot, trying to make it harder for you so that if you pass, then you are clearly a god and deserve your salami to be sucked.

They don’t really exist. They kinda do, but only for good looking guys. The girl may have read in her silly magazine that ‘playing hard to get’ will get her the man of her dreams. You look like a steaming turd though so that doesn’t even apply to you.

A lot of the time, girls are just going to be having fun and messing around. Look at their face, their are most likely not being serious so don’t take it to heart, lighten up. They are seen as ‘tests’ because if you do take it to heart, then you come across as pathetic. Girls are not thinking about giving you tests though, they usually are not as sad as you are.

I am gonna end it on this paragraph but the next time a girl says something like ‘what are those shoes?’, just laugh it off or give back some banter but just don’t take it so god damned seriously. Don’t ‘stand up for yourself’. Don’t put her down. Don’t get upset.

Chill brah x

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