Delete worry

I haven’t posted in a while. Reason being, I don’t really have an audience. I feel like I am talking to myself. I kind of am talking to myself. I don’t have a bunch of people to keep happy, which on one hand is nice because I can relax about it but at the same time, I don’t have a lot of motivation to write this stuff regularly. Maybe if I posted regularly, I would  have had more of a chance of getting lucky and I might have, potentially, missed my chance of being popular on the internet. Oh no! What if people do  find my blog and think it is offensive or just sh*t in general? What if I actually have no idea what I am talking about? What if I am insane and I haven’t realised it yet? What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? What if I am actually dead?

So that^ is what we pathetic humans refer to as worrying. It’s a completely pointless emotion. There is absolutely no benefit to it at all. I know what you might be thinking… If I didn’t worry about stuff, I wouldn’t prepare myself for anything! Nah mate, you are thinking about stress. Stress is a good motivator. Worrying, however, is just straight up paranoia. Once again, it is about negative assumptions. What you worry about is out of your control. Out of your control.

It is not caring. Caring is actually an action. When you worry about someone, you are assuming something bad is going to happen to them or they are going to do something bad. It isn’t the same as fear because there is no sense of danger. You usually feel it after you have lost control. Say, you have just completed an exam and you are awaiting the result. Tell me what good worrying that you are going to fail is going to do. Go on, I am waiting… Yeah nothing. Exactly.

In order to delete worrying from your system. It’s once again, incredibly simple and once again, just takes emotional control. Just don’t focus on those negative thoughts. Don’t be a worrier, be a warrior! OK, that was cheesy, but in all seriousness, you need to develop the skill of ‘snapping’ yourself out of a thought loop. Thinking about something like your girlfriend cheating on you is going to put you in a mood. Moods are prisons of the mind, and you need to find a way out. Become a master escapist of your own moods.

Goodbye my lover! Goodbye my friend! x

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