Causing drama

Some controversial guy somewhere said to a few guys that ‘girls are all about emotions’ or something. He also said that ‘in order to get b*tches, you need to hook their emotions’ or something. He also said that ‘in order to hook their emotions, you need to spark (insert unnecessary dramatic gesture here) drama!’. Guess what? It’s a lie!

Maybe for a few weird girls out there, it will make life a bit more ‘interesting’. Maybe for some crazy females out there, it will make them feel as if their relationship is not ‘mundane’. In my opinion, all causing drama does is break trust. Getting away with stuff doesn’t put you in any better of a situation. Girls that ‘apparently’ like drama are just hurt in some way and I don’t think it is right to play with them like that. You could… but you would be treating her as a toy rather than a human being. And if you start to treat life as a game, you will start a downwards spiral.

The theory behind this infamous guy’s idea is that when a girl experiences emotions with you, she will feel stuff. So he came to the conclusion that this feeling must be attraction somehow. I know… don’t ask me. This emotional roller-coaster that you could put a girl through will most likely make her remember you. You may be quite an event in her life… but in terms of boyfriend potential? Nada.

No no drama, no no no no drama x

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