Identity loss experiment.

This post is going to be a little strange. Once again, just bare with me…

You wake up every day, you look in the mirror, ‘hey, me’. You get out the shower, brush your teeth, look in the mirror and think ‘Looking good, me. Actually, you could be in better shape, you really need to hit the gym’. You look yourself in the eyes and you are connected with the being that is yourself. That is you. You Look in the mirror and you see you You?

It feels like there is someone through the mirror. It feels like you can communicate with yourself by looking in the mirror. Realise that is a lie… it isn’t a reflection of your conscience, it is a reflection of your skin. Protons are simply being emitted by the light source, bouncing off the mirror and being detected by your eyes. There is nobody there. There is nobody there. Look in the mirror and realise that you are completely alone. It is just you, not you and your conscience.

This should feel odd, like you are now ‘observing’ the world by yourself without having any sort of guardian or companion by your side . That guy in the mirror you used to talk to doesn’t exist and is completely a figment of your imagination. You used to feel great comfort in talking to you. You used to give yourself great advice. You were probably your best friend. The thing is… You are actually in the driving seat of your life and you don’t actually have a passenger with you. You don’t have him telling you how to be or do. You don’t need him telling you what to be or do. You never did need him because you never had him. There is and only ever has been you. Just you.

Don’t let you hold you back.

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