judgement vs generalisation

One of the worst things in our society at the moment is all thing judgement. You know you have done it before and you know people have judged you before. Is it bad we do this?

Know that even though a lot of people seem as if they are judging you, they are actually more afraid of what others are thinking of them. Both ways, I think it is only a matter of experience until people come to terms with how they live their life, maybe. In any case, just realise that so many people who you think are directly looking down on you for the way you portray yourself may actually just be afraid of how their friends would judge them if they were to be seen around you.

Generalising, I think is OK, it makes things efficient. Like if you see someone who looks dangerous, it is OK to generalise that they may be dangerous and so you therefore don’t talk to them BUT if there is evidence that they are in fact a nice person, don’t hold your generalisation against them.

Our brains cannot handle infinity… Déjà vu? We cannot handle how different everybody is. In order to make our social lives more efficient, we group people into stereotypes. It sounds really bad but for some reason, stereotypes really do exist. Avoiding people that seem like they fit a certain stereotype is quite understandable behaviour. We learn. We don’t want to waste precious time being around people we don’t predict we will connect with.

The point of this post was to accept anyone who has broken your current generalisation of them. Let’s say that this guy looks like a douchebag because he is wearing a tank top and a backwards baseball cap. So you have thought ‘this guy looks like a douchebag’. That is fine… but if he then comes up to you and seems like a nice normal person, then you should then treat him nicely back. Don’t be dismissive because he may end up saying ‘Oh, by the way, I’m dressed like this because we had a douche themed party. You are in my course so I thought I would say hi but you seem like a dick’.

If 99/100 girls that wear a lot of makeup have told you to fuck off because you are ruining their image, I think it is fair enough to want to avoid girls that wear a lot of makeup. If one girl happens to not fit the stereotype however, don’t keep her in the same boat as the rest.

Have  a good’n x

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