“IDGAF mode”

It goes hand in hand with PUAs. This peice of advice has infected the internet like the plague. There is even a subreddit dedicated to help people stop ‘giving a fuck’…

I mean, I know what it is trying to say and that message is fair enough. The thing is, it is taken way too far. I mean, there is ‘not letting people’s judgement hold you back from doing what you want’ and there is being a completely obnoxious wanker that is going to get banned from every club you go to.

If you completely stopped caring, you stop caring about people all together. Although this may actually benefit your life a lot, I just think I would be an idiot to encourage you to screw over people to benefit yourself. I know I think I may be a psychopath but you can use logic to realise that other humans are like you and if you wouldn’t want to be treated a certain way, you shouldn’t treat another human like that. I care about people OK? That’s why I am making this blog… to help you, and to stop you from making other people feel uncomfortable. I chose to be a good person, stop judging me.

You have these guys that worship the notion of not giving a f*ck. They seriously start to lose their sh*t. Or, that is what it looks like on the outside anyway. I’ll give you an example of  ‘not giving a f*ck’… Your mum quietly knocks on your door and asks what you want for dinner and you scream ‘SUCK A GIGGLING GOAT MOTHER! I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR CHODE FOOD! ALL I WANT IS SOME  POO POO POO POO-SAY!’

If you are acting in a way that takes effort to prove to either yourself or other people that you don’t care, then you are overcompensating and this is not necessary. It happens when you get given advice… you are told that everyone likes chilled people, so you gather all your friends and try to impress them by meditating and smoking some dank kush right in front of them. Your identity should not take you any effort to keep up. What ‘don’t give a f*ck’ was trying to say was ‘do whatever it is you want to do but still be considerate of other peoples lives’. Being considerate to others is a biggy, but again, don’t take that too far and start carrying everyone’s shopping to the car.

Find the balance between serving yourself and serving others. Do this by quickly summing up how much of a negative impact your action will cause someone using empathy. If it is significantly bad, then don’t do it (as a rule of thumb). Don’t treat people how you would not like to be treated.

Gewdnight x

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