Good looking people.

They do not have it that easy. You probably know that they all get a lot of attention. Every very good looking person is almost like a mini celebrity and most people want to be at least friends with them. Now if you are a good looking person, in order to find true friends, you want to find someone who likes you for you and not just your looks. This does not mean they do not also want a good looking partner, I am just saying that they do not instantly find everything they are looking for in people. The other reason why it is hard for them is that a lot of people are intimidated by good looking people or even worse, assume they are boring or a bad person. Looks fade too, which could be a reason why the divorce rate is so high!

What I have noticed is that, aside from the worship, the better looking, famous or rich you are, the more tolerance society has for your actions. This means if you are good looking, you can get away with behaviour that an average looking or less person could not. This also leads a lot of guys to think that good behaviour is not necessary because good looking guys get girls without having to behave well.

Perversion. Yeah, if you are not good looking, even mentioning sex or letting a girl know that you like sex could make her call you a pervert. A good looking guy will usually get away with perverted behaviour as girls rationalise it being OK. He is good looking, so it is OK, I am flattered at the fact that he has watched me get changed and always stares at my boobs. Feeling some rage buddy? Well, let’s face it you do it to, you hypocrite. You cannot get away with sexually objectifying a girl if you are not good looking. If you are good looking, I am not advocating your behaviour, I am just making a point. Treat girls like humans, not things to be boinked. To imagine yourself in the girls position, just pretend you were not desperate for sex and you only wanted to have sex with someone you liked.

Sexual cringiness… Big problem. Good looking guys get away with ‘acting sexy’. I will make a cringey video about ‘acting sexy’ at some point but the bottom line is… basically… don’t try to act sexy… because it’s cringe. Basically any communication that is trying to imply that you are better than other human beings is cringe, because everyone is just human. Trying to be mysterious also falls into the same boat as trying to be sexy, it is a bad act, and therefore not genuine, connectable human communication that is relatable.

Creepiness… You really can be creepy if a girl cannot read your intentions. She will just simply fear the unknown, that is what creepiness is all about, she doesn’t know what is going to happen so she fears for the worst to keep herself safe. Smile when you meet girls and make it clear that you are not a threat. Good looking guys get away with creepy behaviour because most girls assume positively of them. Unfortunately being ‘ugly’ has the opposite effect where some girls will think you are ‘creepy’ regardless of your communication. You have no control over this, all you can do is suck it up, move on, and cry yourself to sleep later on.

Do not fret. By now you are thinking that if all a girl wants is a good looking guy, how do you stand a chance? Well, a more experienced girl will not rationalise a good looking guys behaviour as she will have likely realised that looks are over hyped. For me, all it took was a few not-so-great experiences with girls that I thought were really hot to not prioritise looks so highly. Experienced girls should have realised that it is hard enough to find someone you have good chemistry with, so finding someone who is also hot and single makes the search for love so much harder.

So there is something you must accept, sorry to break it to you, you would get more girls if you were a very good looking guy than you ever would improving your personality to it’s full potential. A good looking guy will also get better looking girls more frequently. It’s true, it is just the way it is. But what is really so great about getting lots of girls? Even if it may make your mates think you are cool, it may also make girls think you are sleazy (which is another thing good looking guys get away with…). You can still get with lots of girls if that is what you want, just not as much as a better looking guy with the same personality as you. Also, why do you want a hot girlfriend so badly? I try to explain why you do here.

For a lot of experienced girls, being with someone that is good looking is just a novelty that wears off if their personality is not great. You can either sit there playing Black Ops 3, moan and complain that life is hard for you or play the cards you are dealt and find someone that appreciates you. The life you have lead has help craft whoever you are going to be. Maybe one day, you will arrogantly create a blog to help other ugly guys get a girlfriend, who knows.

(Yoda voice): Embrace life’s challenges , one must x

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