The G-spot debate

So much pressure… In most of the sex advice online, it will mention this topic. It gives the impression that a guy can only be good in bed if he knows how to stimulate the g-spot. Women seem to be obsessed with this everywhere on the internet. Girls and guys are just regurgitating information about a long arsed technique involving a pillow to achieve this ‘vaginal’ orgasm.

If you delved a bit deeper, you would see that there is in fact a lot of controversy about this so called G-spot. Many scientists and gynecologists have called BS on the G spot. There is no real evidence that it even exists.

Now… I am not saying it does or doesn’t exist. It seems odd that so many girls can relate to this ‘super orgasm’. I think there must be something about something if you know wha… you don’t know what I me… I don’t even. It has been referred to as the female prostate, which describes it quite well for me.

The way I see the G-spot is that it is not something that is necessary or ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ (I hate those terms too but I don’t know how else to put it). I see it as like a ‘hack’. It is not something that easily accessible and it takes too much work and effort for it to be a main way of stimulating a girl. Imagine if there was a part of your brain, that if you poked with a needle, it would give you the most amazing orgasm ever. This clearly should not be something that men/women should feel ill equipped by if they cannot achieve it.

Stop worrying so much about it, if you can make a girl orgasm from clitoral stimulation, that is good enough and that is all you need. However, if you want to experiment with it and involve it in your sex life, there is nothing wrong with that. I am just against putting the G spot on a pedestal.

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