The devil’s emotion.

In my post about aggressive accusation, I mentioned in the first paragraph that 99% of people do the right thing. The 1% knowingly do the wrong thing. Why on earth would they do this? There is a certain thrill to doing something you believe you shouldn’t. This emotion is what I believe is the cause of people being ‘sick in the head’.

When you have already relished in most of what life has to offer you, you may get bored and seek excitement elsewhere. You are a good person until maybe you come to the conclusion that your life is a lot more important than anyone else’s. Maybe you have experienced a lot of negativity towards you in the world which has caused you to not care about another being in any way.

However it comes about, when thoughts come in your head of actually doing something against the grain of your conscience, there is usually an immediate feeling. This feeling is subjectively nor good or bad but it is a feeling nonetheless. Now… depending on the situation and how you think, there are a plethora of labelled emotions you could experience. Here is how I will try to define a few of them:

  • Excitement: assumptions that the future action could bring positivity e.g pleasure
  • Fear: assumptions that the future action could bring negativity e.g damage
  • Disgust: assumptions the the future action could bring disease or infection
  • Lust: assumptions that the future action could bring a sexual orgasm
  • Nervousness: assumptions that the future action could bring a great deal of pressure on you to not mess up
  • Sadness: assumptions that the future action could bring a great loss to you
  • Rage: assumptions that the future actions could bring unfair consequences upon you
  • There are lots of others and I can’t be bothered to list them…

[Side note: Why we feel emotions could be explained with evolutionary theories but to be honest, I have no idea. I could come up with unlimited hypotheses as to why we feel these emotions but none of them may be right. So… don’t ask me to tell you the origin of emotions, sorry, I wish I new.]

These emotions can be singly intense or there could be a combination of a few of them… essentially, you are being stimulated. For some people, this stimulation is all that matters to them, similar to taking a drug. You have the choice to not be one of those people. It takes will power, determination, control or whatever you want to call it. Just let the moral code of empathy override all your selfish temptations. Obviously a line be drawn, anything can be seen as morally wrong really, but you should have a good idea as to what is the wrong thing to do as I mentioned earlier. Don’t compromise your instinctual conscience to get the benefits of that selfish, devilish thrill.

Toppa tha mornin’ to ya x

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