The concept that you cannot handle.

Infinity. Your brain is unfortunately limited by having a limit. If I ask you to imagine how big the universe is (something that is infinite), the best you can do is conjure up something that is ever expanding because… OK… bad example. If I ask you to imagine all the colours, you cannot. The best you can do is simplify things. In the example of thinking of all the colours, you may limit it to the colours of the rainbow. However a paint company will disagree that there are only 7 colours.  My point is that most things in life are on a spectrum of infinity and therefore cannot and will not ever be comprehended by a human.

This presents many problems to us. We love to think in binary. We place labels on everything and categorise everything but as soon as we do that, we start to ignore the exceptions. It is near impossible to find a survey with a large audience that has a 100% result. Whenever you think you fully understand something, you probably should reconsider other possibilities and try to prove yourself wrong.

This presents a lot of scientific doubt. Science is all about labeling and simplifying things. For every theory, there could be another theory that could seem just as a good an explanation. Also, if we make an equation, we can rationalise everything to also fit into that equation. In physics, they are searching for the fundamental particles… but surely you can just keep dividing everything by two, so the search is inherently pointless? When did the universe begin? We can only comprehend it as having a beginning but what if it didn’t? What if there was no big bang?

We get these ‘epiphanies’ that we think is the answer to everything. That feeling of thinking you understand everything, everything fits, it can be used to explain everything, and then… you realise you were being dumb. As soon as you see one inconsistency, you see them all, that epiphany may have it’s place though, try to criticise all your epiphanies so you do not become a weird cult leader. People will think you are delusional if you start to proclaim you have reached true enlightenment. Trust me, I have been there. Any philosophical idea you come up with, its best to just see it as a guide to help you understand something and not a universal code. Take this blog for example, it has a philosophy but I am not claiming that is the the one true philosophy to rule them all.

This is essentially another post trying to hammer it into your head that you should keep an open mind.

That is all x

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