Stop being so aggressive.

99% of people are doing what they think is the right thing to do. Let that sink in… Pretty much nobody does what they know as the wrong thing to do. I doubt even Hitler thought to himself ‘you know what would be a really wrong thing to do?’. He did what he did because he thought it would benefit the country. Elliot Rodger did what he did because he thought it was justice and rightful revenge. Am justifying it? Hell no, I am just trying to help you understand people.

I have two points to cover in this post, one is about girls and I will cover that second. I wanna make a point about people airing their opinion of someone doing ‘wrong’. It’s all well and good to express that their is a better way about going about things, as this is what moves us forward in society. However, if you aggressively tell someone that they are a ‘C’ word and they deserve to die then that is completely going to put them on the defensive instead of reconsidering their actions. If you just express how something has major negative impacts and there is a better way to do things in a calm manner, then you can have a friendly debate where change is a possibility. Glad that is off my chest.

Now for my second point… when a girl that you like is only willing to be friends with you and nothing more, please do not get aggressive at her for not thinking you have potential to be anything more. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if she thinks you are not in her league, then so be it. Maybe as a friend, she can introduce you to other potentials or she may come around later as to how amazing you are. She may even just be a great friend by being supportive and caring and loyal, who knows… You have nothing to lose by having a female friend.

[Side note: Only you can set your own standards, not someone else. So if, for example, a woman says ‘I am too old for you‘, you shouldn’t let that stop you from pursuing her. If, however, she says ‘you are too young for me‘, then you should take that as a big sign that she is not interested. I’ve got your back bro, don’t you worry about a damn thing.]

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