Relationships can be special

If you have somehow, beyond belief, managed to get into a situation where more than one girl that you like is willing to be in a relationship with you, then you may have been pondering about what makes it so special. I mean, if this girl is relationship material and that girl is relationship material, then what is going to keep you loyal and faithful to your girlfriend, when there are these other girls who could be just as good?

As you spend more and more time with your partner, you have invested more in them. Kinda like if you were playing an RPG like World of Warcraft and you have spent a lot of time building your character, you tend to not just start a new character unless you get bored.

Getting bored with someone is a valid reason to move on, if the girl really struggles to stimulate you in any way. However, we have some control over what we appreciate and you can choose to have high expectations which few girls can meet, which would also cause you to be bored. What I suggest you do is meet a lot of girls, and from that experience, decide what you do not want, since many girls will not float your boat. This is the only way I believe you can appreciate certain things in girls. Personally, I do not expect a girl to make me laugh with her jokes, but I do expect to have a girl to her own opinions and views.

Sorry for that little tangent there, I am sure you will forgive me, as you are not paying for this service… you cheeky sod. Back to being loyal in a relationship. The more time you spend with a girl that has not put you off yet, the more time you have invested in her and more importantly – the more memories you have built with her. A lot of your good memories involve her. The good parts of your life when you look back on it will have her in it. She is part of what has made up the positive side of your life. This tends to be what makes someone ‘mean’ something to someone else. Sentimental value I guess…

Aside from the memories, the more time you have spent with your girl, the more time she has gotten to know you and has still not left you yet. She still loves you, after all the crap you have put her through. She appreciates what you have that other guys do not. She is loyal to you… actually… I don’t know if she is all these things but hopefully she will be. If she is this lovely though, she is clearly worth keeping as a companion in your journey through your life. Why not, eh?

Now let’s talk about settling… When you finally meet a girl that is willing to be with you when you are not experienced, your brain can do something weird to keep you with her, even though your guardian angel (me) thinks that being with that girl isn’t what you really need or want. You will completely ignore all of her bad traits in your mind so that all that seems to remain are her few good traits. Crazy right? But it happens, and you are not special, so it could happen to you too. All I can do to help here is remind you, to remind yourself, to fully evaluate the girls you are considering investing your time in. Use your imagination to predict whether you can put up with flaws a girl has in a long term relationship, don’t waste your time ignoring red flags.

Smoke weed everyday x

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