The lies of the business.

have to clear this up. If you are looking for a trick for you to appear ‘more confident’ or ‘more powerful’, then you are going to have a bad time.

Self help companies will teach you odd things like “if you stand with your legs apart, this is the power stance, and makes other people think you are the boss”. This is a complete lie. What this will do is feed into a ‘self-image’ that you will create in your head, giving you the placebo effect of believing you are more powerful. Firstly, the word powerful doesn’t have much meaning behind it in terms of socialising, it is completely down to interpretation.

These little tricks will not have any real change on how others perceive you other than they might think you are a bit odd. You may be thinking that I am a hypocrite as I have a section to help with your body language. The difference is, my body language tip is for example, the smile. This is obviously not something I have just invented. Everybody smiles, it is natural. Shaking someone’s hand while staring at their left shoulder instead of their right, is not something natural that everybody does.

You cannot appear ‘better’ than everybody else unless someone else doing something to make themselves look bad. You must see people as equals. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the best way is to get rid of bad body language rather than gain new ‘super’ body language.

In a while crocodile x

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