Getting numbers but no dates?

Grr… Don’t we just hate flakes? They are the worst arn’t they? Nah. They aight. If anything they are just being sensible. Here is what is going on…

They don’t feel as if they know you well enough to feel comfortable meeting you in real life. In her imagination, there is nothing reassuring her that the date will not be awkward or even scary. It is most likely the same for you too. You probably don’t feel like the first date is definitely going to be OK either.

Clearly this is a massive issue considering the fact that if girls cant feel comfortable to go on a date, surely you are going to be single forever? It’s a good thing porn exists, eh? Otherwise you would be completely screwed! Kidding, oh me… Don’t worry, there is a solution to this conundrum.

Can I have a drumroll please? … No? Okay, well the answer is CALL HER! If you call her, you get to actually talk to her. If she can hear your tone of voice as you communicate, she gets to see a whole new dimension of information to help her build her perceived idea of you.  More information about you, will give her imagination a more precise prediction of whether you two would be compatible on a date.

By calling her on the phone for at least an hour, you are actually shortcutting the potentially awkward first date. You will have the time to become comfortable being in eachother’s presence. This technology also removes the pressure of being in front of one another, so when you are talking, you do not need to be conscious of how you look or how your body language is coming across. Another benefit is that if it all goes badly, you have avoided all that effort on meeting up with someone you are not compatible with.

Hope that helps x

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