Don’t search for your perfect girl

For those of you who have a clear idea of your perfect girl, if you are rejecting all the weak contenders that don’t fit your bill, you are gonna have this large ’empty hole’ feeling because you will have no sources of intimacy until you find perfection.

I suggest you get off your high horse. There are a plethora of girls out there that may not be wife material, but you can still have a great experience with them. Your life partner will pop up when she pops up. You are not being any more efficient by ‘looking’ for her. The only thing you are doing by ‘rejecting’ all these girls, is cutting out valuable life experience for no reason.

You dont have to get into a committed relationship with every girl you meet; you can hang out with all the girls until the so called ‘perfect’ one pops up. Stop preserving yourself. You do not have a capacity of emotions, you can lust and care for many female friends at the same time, you only need to stick with one when you are actually in love.

Lets say you like playing the Uncharted games… Are you really going to avoid playing all the other games until the next Uncharted game comes out? No. So stop being so selfish, and let lots of girls see how big and hard your personality is.

Toodles x

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