Be wary of the horn

Seduction in itself is a little manipulative. Think about it. You are making someone who would not sleep with you otherwise, want to sleep with you. You are manipulating their horniness. After the horniness has worn off, they will see things more clearly and realise that they, in fact, did not want to sleep with you. You still had consent but I just don’t think your mother would be very proud of you. Your Dad might.

Imagine being in this situation… a girl that you really dislike wants you to sleep with her. You are obviously not interested, initially. However, this little fox is cunning. She looks at your crotch, undoes a few buttons of her top, begins to touch herself all over, starts to tell you dirty things in your ear and before you know it, you have pitched a tent and the unwanted urge to have sex. Just a quick one, that you can forget for the rest of your life. After you have finished, you hang your head in shame because you didn’t like them on a personal level and it is not something you would have done before being horny. This doesn’t feel nice, so don’t put this upon other girls.

Our brains are not perfect, they want to feel good first and then feel guilty after. A big problem now is rape allegations, and making a girl feel regret after having sex with you is potentially shooting yourself in the foot. It is easy to stop trying to seduce other girls (PUAs are going to hate this advice, because all they want is sex) but to stop yourself getting horny is just a matter of emotional control. I have covered that here.

When you meet the right girl, there will be no reason why you should not want to have sex with her and she should not feel any reason not to want to sleep with you. In this instance there should be no resistance to engage in coitus with each other so the transition to sex feels less forced and the aftermath feels good instead of bad.

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool x

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