Girls are not as innocent as some of you think

A lot of you guys place women on pedestals but this is a different issue. Some you of seem to think that girls do not actually like sex. It is understandable as to why some of you would think this, but I will bullet point some thoughts on this matter:

  • Most girls would not have spoken to you about their sexual desires because they wouldn’t want you to judge them or think they are a slut.
  • Girls tend to deny accusations of liking sex when put on the spot for the same reason of being judged.
  • Most girls are not so active in their pursuit of sex because men have the social role to be the move maker.
  • Girls do like sex, but they want to have sex with the right guy, which has possibly never been you, so that is why you may have this view.
  • There are girls having sex all the time, right as I am typing this.
  • A lot of girls cheat on their boyfriends or husbands. I know this from first hand experience. Don’t let this worry you though, many girls are loyal to the right guy.
  • The sex toy industry wouldn’t be doing so well if there was no demand.
  • Some people see it as ‘unladylike’ or ‘vulgar’ for a girl to be open about her sexual urges.
  • After a few units of alcohol, you can see exactly what a lot of girls have been suppressing.
  • All those romance novels you see women reading are full of graphically detailed sex stories. Yeah, the ones that look like innocent prince and princess stories. Yeah, those Mills & Boons ones that your mum reads…
  • 50 shades of grey.

Do not be ashamed to make a move. Do not feel as if the girl is doing you a favour by getting with you. Do not feel as though you want something she does not.

Whether or not girls like it as much as guys… I think it varies from person to person.

See you soon x

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