Why she wanted you one night and not the other.

We have all been there. You feel lead on. You were so sure that you and her were going to be an item. You thought about it before you went to sleep, how perfect it was going to be. Finally, a cool girl that actually fancies you back.

One day later… And it’s as if nothing had ever happened between you two. So sad, so confusing. Now you probably think that she really liked you and that because she is a female and females just don’t make sense to you, she ‘just felt’ like changing her mind. What really happened is that she chose to like you temporarily.

The truth of the matter is, if you are struggling to find a girl to like you, you are probably still going to struggle unless you have changed in some way. Believe it or not, you can still ‘get lucky’ even if you are not very well developed as a person. If a girl is at any moment, horny, desperate, feeling insecure or some other reason, she may just choose that she wants to get with you regardless of how much she likes you as a person. She didn’t have any better options at the time and temporarily settled for you that night.

It isn’t nice that some girls do this and disregard your feelings. Some girls can be quite insensitive to a guys emotions. However, you cannot lock yourself away to protect yourself from this happening again. You have to suck it up and just deal with the pain. I would recommend that you don’t pester her to ask her what happened, as she will try to avoid that conversation because she wouldn’t want to admit she did anything wrong. Pick yourself up off the floor and transfer your effort to the next girl.

I Believe in you x

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