The pursuit of happiness.

Big house, fast car, hot girlfriend, latest gadgets and designer clothes. Do these things truly make you happy or are you confusing happiness with the socially constructed ideology of success?

You do not need lots of stuff to make you happy. Any emotional spike like the sense of achievement doesn’t last very long. This is why the novelty of having a sports car will wear off after a while and you will seek something else to fill your need for gratification. We easily get addicted as these short sharp spikes feel good in the moment and we miss it when it goes away, just like a drug. These addictions can effect us by making feeding that addiction our main priority in life, which in my opinion is a shame as there is so much to experience, and you are wasting your time searching for something quite meaningless.

There is a feeling you can have and be in control of that is completely healthy and makes you feel good. It almost sounds too good to be true but this thing is called appreciation. Appreciation makes you feel warm inside. Also, you can appreciate almost anything… food, friendship, family, technology etc. Next time you are outside, take a moment to appreciate the trees. They are so huge, so green, so old, so complex. We all take so much for granted and the world would be a better place if we all took the effort to just spend more time appreciating the little things in life more.

[I apologise for the hippie vibe by the way]

The real key to happiness is to remove the things that make you unhappy. Once, all the negativities are gone, you are already at the most happy you can be. Think of it as removing blocks to unlock your core, rather than building a staircase to heaven. This again, fits in with my philosophy of ‘having no bounds’.

Let’s just replace the word happiness with ‘content‘ as that fits better with my philosophy. Right, now you may be disagreeing with me because you may be thinking ‘I would be happy if I became a singer or a DJ or stand up comedian’. My answer to this is that if you thought deeply about this, you should come to the conclusion that it is actually the ‘being free to do what you want’ that makes you happy. In the moment of being a famous singer on stage, you would be too focused on performing the action to truly delve into any real ‘happiness’.

So forget happiness, become content x



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