Patience, a quick fix.

In order for a girl to become interested in you, it is best to show her as much of you (not your genitals) as possible.

You need to realise that when you are talking to a girl, there is no real time limit for the interaction. I am trying to say that you need to stop trying to get as close as possible as fast as possible. In the PUA community, there is this weird concept of you being better skilled with women, the faster it is you can seduce them. This is just pathetic circlejerking nonsense.

Take your time. Even down to every word you say. You don’t have to rush anything. There is absolutely no need. The more time you spend with her, the more you have invested in each other, the more you mean to her and the more she feels comfortable around you. The reason  she will feel more comfortable around you is, provided you don’t do anything stupid, that she has more evidence (time with you) that you are a cool, normal guy.

Another great reason to slow down with your speech is that, just like a Youtube video with bad internet connection, your brain is formulating a sentence (buffering) and your words are catching up to your brain. If you spoke slower, you are giving your brain that ‘go ahead’ to formulate a few words in front of what you are saying.

Let’s compare the two scenarios:

1. PUA walks up to girl, calls her a dog, hugs her and then kisses her, all within the space of 5 minutes.

2. You walk up to a girl, chat for 15 minutes, go get a drink and then dance with her for 10 minutes, go sit down and flirt some more with her for another 10 minutes and slowly make the move and then reminisce about how much fun you have had in the last 40 minutes.

Who do you think the girl will be more interested in meeting up for a coffee? Yes, you. Why? Because you have invested in eachother more. She might have had fun with the PUA but their connection was short-lived and she has less evidence that he would stand the test of time and still remain a cool, normal guy like you.

Caio x

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