More than meets the eye

Do not judge a girl too quickly. I have already talked about how we put people in boxes and label them. Give the girls you see more of a chance before you make your swift judgement.

This applies from the very beginning. I am referring to the ‘bitch face’. So many guys are intimidated to say hi to a certain girl because she doesn’t look very friendly on the outside. To expect a girl to always have a smile on her face, despite all the creepy, desperate guys objectifying her all the time is just asking for too much.

Most of the girls that I have approached did not have a smile on their face from the get go. After a couple of minutes of chatting however, they could have the friendliest face in the world. Thinking that because she isn’t smiling that it isn’t going to go well is being too negative and fearful. Thinking that she is a bitch and clearly doesn’t deserve to be approached is very judgmental.

You should talk to everyone around you. The hot girls, the average girls, the cougars, the cheeky Nando’s lads and the divorced men. Everyone has had their own life that they have lived and it is almost impossible to accurately judge someone from a few glances. I also suggest that you do not try to judge someone by their clothes, even if a girl is wearing something revealing, does that really make her a bad person who doesn’t deserve to be spoken to? You can have great experiences with many different people, there is no need to lock a door that has never been opened.

You should be out to socialise and have fun. You should not go to a club with the sole agenda to have sex. If you do, you will only be approaching girls and you’ll have nothing to do between approaching girls; if you don’t meet your expectations, you are going to feel unfulfilled. Not to mention that having that agenda is seedy and people can read this from a mile off. It will come across in your communication as all intentions do. The reason why most girls do not go for a guy who is only interested in sex, is because generally, most girls have access to sex if they want it and it is not new or rare to them. Most girls want something a little more meaningful than objectification. And this doesn’t mean, pretend to want something meaningful just so you can have sex and then ditch her after. This is about thinking about what you really want. In the long run, meaningless sex is empty. You running around looking for this is ruining your opportunity with potential girls that you could have a great connection with. I know you are sexually frustrated, but try to suppress your frustration as it is not helping you in any way.

Don’t judge people x

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