How to come across as more experienced

When you were a child, you were more easily emotionally stimulated. Think about how much more excited you were about going to a theme park the first time. Now you are somewhat experienced with theme parks, they don’t excite you as much as they used to because you have seen it all before.

This is very relevant when it comes to girls. Get the butterflies when you make eye contact with a girl? This butterfly feeling is intense as you are going through a new, overwhelming, potentially enjoyable experience. This is the feeling of excitement. You are focusing on what amazing things could potentially happen in the future. Here is the problem…

When you show you are excited through your expression, the girl can tell that you are new to this whole connection thing. It comes off as a little childish but the main reason why it is a turn off is that if someone is inexperienced, they have a low chance of getting things right the first time in a serious relationship. Also, a girl doesn’t usually want to have to teach a guy how to be a good boyfriend.

To cover up the fact that you are a newbie is unfortunately impossible. The only way you are going to get used to all these new experiences is if you force yourself to take more action than a guy your age naturally would. This is a real push. Maturity is not about age but about how much you have experienced. If you start going out almost every night, socialising, and then analysing what happened in your head after each night, you will become way more experienced than a guy who goes out once a week if you were both given 3 months. This is the key to learning social skills, experience plus analysis.

This is pure determination, discipline and will power. If you don’t force the experience, then you are missing out on the opportunity to be further ahead than the rest of your age group. Being experienced for your age is a massive benefit as it gives you a perk that the rest don’t have. You want as much of an advantage as you possibly can to not blend in with the rest of crowd. A man who has traveled the world for six months would have learned many more lessons than a man who has lived in a box for fifty years.

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