White Knights

“You are putting the pussy on a pedestal”. Yes.

You don’t get any action. Probably because you are not that great to look at [I still love you]. That part is obvious. So girls for you are in scarcity. Now, because this action is rare for you, you have placed value on it. Problem. When you place a girl on a pedestal like this, you treat her with extra care and you don’t want to firetruck anything up and you are too scared to do anything.

This behaviour reeks of desperation. When a girl notices this behaviour, she will imagine you as being a complete doormat in any sort of relationship and it is completely dishonest to treat her so well when you have an agenda. She can see this dishonesty and so she will not trust you in the future.

She will probably still keep you around as a friend because you do anything for her and that is clearly beneficial.

Your ‘white knight’ behaviour of protecting girls from anything¬†(mainly other guys) all the time is a completely obvious over-compensation for the fact that you do not want any other guy to get with her because you would get super jealous and bitter and you can’t handle that pain.

Treat girls as just another human being on your level. If you got to the point where you had options in terms of girls, think about how differently you would be acting around girls. You wouldn’t be white knighting, that is for sure.

K thnx bai x


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