A quickie…

When people tend to think of themselves as not very interesting, they decide that they should become more charismatic, in order to ‘win friends and  influence people’. The problem with this is that they massively overcompensate for this insecurity and express themselves a little too wildly.

A lot of famous YouTubers seem to do this. It is good at grabbing and holding somebody’s attention and stimulating their brain but unfortunately, it is pretty bad at getting information across in terms of communication, because it is so distracting.

The viewer becomes more concentrated on the person’s movement, rather than the actual message.

For example, if you wanted to tell your mother you loved her, you’d just do it as you normally would, but if you were to say it in a dramatic way, her brain would focus on the fact that you were so dramatic rather than the fact that you love her.

Please just take this into consideration, as a lot of girls will class you as ‘too much’ if you are one of these over-animated people, since being stimulated by your expression for too long is exhausting and your potential as a long term partner decreases.

Oooooooh oh oh oh sweet child of mine! x

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