Excuses and control

Quickest post ever:

  • You have way more control than you would like to admit.
  • Stop coming up with excuses, they are just reasons as to why it is harder for you, but it is not justified for you to give up.
  • Whenever you make an excuse, you are just trying to avoid pain.
  • Don’t fear the pain, get conditioned to it.
  • Socialising is not a life or death situation, it is almost completely risk and consequence free.
  • Put your emotions on the line, this is what growing up is all about.
  • You do not even know if it is going to go badly or not until you have actually done it, so stop having negative assumptions.
  • Rejection is just a part of life, don’t let the environment  dictate who you are, as you have the control to decide.

That’s it x

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