Does being an ethnic minority really make a difference?

In the same way that being less good looking or being short or whatever will make a lot of people in society look down on you. Being an ethnic minority does make a difference in the same way that any negative physical attribute will. It is awful that not being white is seen as negative but that is just the way society is. What makes this complex is that people will disagree with me, white people who don’t want to accept that they think badly. Also ethnic minorities who are very good looking will also usually have no idea what I am talking about. However, there is a feeling that ethnics feel that a white person with the similar ‘looks’ is treated better than them in society.

Now, respecting that this exists and I believe that it exists, my controversial advice to you would be to avoid any possible stereotypes. Like… if you are Chinese, try not to dress like a fresh of the boat Chinese person because the natives will see you as ‘not one of them’ and dehumanise you and not see any potential in you as a friend or partner. Not all people judge people this way, but enough to make a significant difference to your life.

This is a short one, I could go into more detail about it but it is pointless. It is up to you whether you want to change yourself to fit in with people of another racial background. Some would ask why you would want to try and be with someone if they looked down on you in some way because of the colour of your skin. Some would also say that you just got to do whatever you have to do. So I am going to end it here, it is your choice to adapt to different environments or just do you. Either way is neither bad or good.

Laters x

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