Guys actually do this in real life… They go into a well populated area like London and approach random women during the day in an attempt to score. This is kinda a waste of time unless you are very good looking.

Out in the streets during the day is not a place people to go meet people. It is not a club. So when you try and talk to a stranger like this, it is straight away weird. It most likely comes across as though you are selling something. Also, as soon as she asks you what you are doing,(and she will be thinking about what you are doing) If you were to tell her the truth, which is ‘just trying my luck with random women on the street’. That is super desperate. If she clocks on to the fact that you are desperate, she will assume you will be very needy in  a relationship and we all know that this is the biggest attraction killer because if someone needs you, you feel trapped and we all hate feeling trapped.

Complimenting a girl on how attractive she is right off the get go is a bad idea. It is effectively ‘hitting on them’ and by this I mean ‘trying your luck’ and by this I mean, going up to them and being like ‘eh? sex? How’bout it? Eh?’. You are kinda making the girl make a decision about whether she is attracted to you on the spot. She will most likely say no as this is the safest option to go by. (Unless, you are very good looking, then she may feel validated.) You haven’t given her a chance to get to know you and you are already seeing if she is up for it purely based off of your looks. Good luck with that. Also, she will realise that she is not the only good looking girl around, so, since you went to talk to her because of her looks, she will come to the conclusion that you approach every hot girl you see. Just in case you haven’t got the picture yet, that makes you seem desperate.

It is OK if it is completely natural. So like… a girl just happens to be in your proximity for an extended period of time, it is OK to just say hi. I also think it is a good exercise to break out of your comfort zone when you are completely new to socialising as you are almost anonymous.  Also, if you see a girl who is on her own and bored and you are also bored and have absolutely nothing better to do, there is nothing wrong with just giving someone company for the hell of it… As long as you clarify that you know that what you are doing is a bit out of the ordinary and you are super duper friendly because your behaviour can easily give off a threatening or sleazy vibe.  These rare situations though are not something you should rely on or depend on as they are random. Clubs and social gatherings are much more efficient for meeting people as many other people in that gathering also have the agenda to socialise.

Willies x

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