Yo breath stank!

Hygiene. People will judge you on how STD-free you appear. We want to avoid disease. This is gonna be a short ranty type thing. But listen up.

  1. Brush your teeth and tongue. Bad breathe is a massive turn off for pretty much anyone. Have a mint before you head out.
  2. Wash your clothes.
  3. Shower.
  4. Use some eau de parfum before you head out.
  5. Cut your fingernails.
  6. Wipe your arse properly.
  7. Make sure your hair isn’t too greasy or too dry.
  8. If your skin is dry, moisterise.
  9. Keep your beard clean.
  10. Eat with your mouth closed.
  11. Wash your dick. How can you let a girl go down on you if you have stinky nob cheese all around … *pukes*

These are simple things that are vital for developing anything with anyone. Like… Please don’t assume that it is ok to ignore this because this is so obvious but for some reason, so many guys have these issues and when I think about it I am like WTF because these issues are so easy to fix, and if you are learning how to develop yourself, how have you not spared a moment to check your hygiene??

Anyway, bye x



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