Who am I?

We have all asked ourselves this question. Who am I? No, seriously, like, who actually am I? I am going to attempt to answer that question as best as I can because I am the ultimate philosopher. That’s who I am. Just kidding. Chill.

OK, so when you ask yourself this question, you might start with the fundamental ‘Am I a good person?’ I think I am because I helped that old lady across the road yesterday (by the way, who has actually helped an old lady across the road? ). Actually, I think I might be a bad person because I once told that emo kid at school to go play the violin on his wrist with a knife for no reason other than for my enjoyment.

Guess what, It is not that black and white. As humans, for some reason we place labels on things all the time. It makes sense with stuff like fruit and colours and such. But you can’t put these labels on a personality. A personality as you think of it doesn’t really exist. You don’t get ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘happy’  or ‘sad’ personalities. It’s diverse and dynamic.

To describe it robotically, it’s a series of responses to stuff. For example, someone says ‘hello’ to you and you respond by portraying yourself in a certain way, stemming from your brain chemistry and the experiences you have had growing up throughout your entire life. Expression through a mixture of emotion, muscle contractions, words and sounds. You do not have a personality. What does exist is someone else’s perception of you.

Everyone can have a completely different perception of you. And they will probably put a black and white label on you. That is a little more acceptable though as they only see a tiny segment of you compared to your ‘X’ odd years of seeing you for yourself. This is why portraying yourself in the right way is so important.

So, who are you?

You are anything you want to be. You have the control and ability to pick and craft the way you wish to be perceived. Want to be perceived as nervous? Be nervous. Want to be perceived as a care-free in a certain situation? Be a care-free. It’s not as easy as just ‘being that way’ but it is achievable, and in some cases is just like flipping a switch.

If you get confused about how you would ‘act naturally’. A really good way of thinking about this is to imagine you are hanging out with you best friend/s. This is where you should feel very comfortable and this is the side of you that you want to reveal to people you meet.

Byebye x

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