What I called reverse motivation.

I think we motivate ourselves wrong. Well, it’s not my way… so it is wrong. Ha. This is my blog, suck it.

So, I think in order to conserve our energy, we only do whatever we feel absolutely necessary (including entertaining ourselves). Bearing this in mind, people usually think they should motivate themselves by having an end goal and thinking about that end goal and touching themselves to the thought of becoming that person and omg oh oh aaahhhh. Sorry.

The problemo with this is that it doesn’t actually motivate you, it is just a fantasy to daydream about. How I think a better way of motivating yourself is a bit harsher. But let me give you a quick few examples so you get the idea.

You want to lose weight. Instead of fapping off to your future 6-packed self. Look in the mirror and look in disgust at your potential future of being an obese walrus who is not 90% water but 90% Dorito’s. Keep telling yourself that if you don’t work hard today, you are gonna end up as a disgusting fat alien from Star Wars. This should hopefully make you get off your ass.

You want to study. Instead of thinking of the beautiful, sexy 2:1, think about how if you don’t study, you are going to fail. You are going to be homeless and die from starvation. You are going to let your family down and they will disown you if you don’t do well. This is how we Asians are brought up by the way (yeah, I am Asian, not that kind of Asian… the brown kind, yeah that one, with the curry… and the explosives… yeah.).

In terms of girls… instead of becoming this amazing hypnotist, PUA level 78 arch-mage, realise that if you don’t start socialising and learning how to communicate with people that you are going to die a virgin. You will attempt to hire prostitutes but even they will refuse to service you because you make them feel so uncomfortable. Your friends will ditch you and you will never have children. Is this more likely to make you take action? Hopefully.

I think you get the point, see ya x


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