Is monogamy natural?

Its a big question and once again… I am going to attempt to answer it. So, a lot of people, especially in the self help industry have come to the conclusion that monogamy is not natural or right because they have the capacity to love and have sex with more than one person. This question plagued me for ages. I think I have found the answer though… for me.

I do believe we have the capacity to love more than one person at one time. Threesomes, as much as they take place, are not strictly possible. We men only have one penis. Therefore we can only have intercourse with one person at a time. So technically, threesomes don’t exist. OK, it is a silly point, let’s move on to my better point, sorry for wasting your time.

When you are dating… I think it is OK to sleep with more than just the person you are dating as long as you let her know what is up. There are far too many people to dedicate all your time to, one at a time. But when you are in love with someone. There is this element of satisfaction. When you are satisfied, you no longer need to see other people. You are happy with one. It’s like, when you are hungry, you eat some food until you are satisfied and then you no longer need to eat more food. Because of this element, if you sleep with someone else while you are in a relationship, ignoring the fact that you have actually cheated, your partner will feel as though they did not satisfy you, as you would also feel, if they were to sleep with someone else. So, as you are satisfied with one, being greedy is just inconsiderate. Some people may feel as though one person is not satisfying but I believe they haven’t met the right person yet. [There is an exception for long distance relationships which I will cover in another post]

There is this other point about kids… wouldn’t it be a bit chaotic to just go around making offspring with everyone everywhere. Maybe that’s why marriage was invented. I think within reason, having children and then changing partner and raising other peoples children is all ok. I just feel like we should only love one at a time but that there are more than one out there that we can love and may love at another point in our lives. I do not believe in this concept of ‘the one’. It is just a fairy tale.

Side Note: We have a population problem, can the players please stop impregnating women everywhere? Think about the future.

Cheerio x

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