Fashion, does it matter?

I know you have seen those sick c*nts wearing those sick flat caps and their sick trousers that are too short for them and their sick shoes.

Well, you may also see that it is those types of sick c*nts that actually pull.

Do all those sick c*nts wearing those sick clothes pull?


So, evidently it is not all about the fashion. But… does it help? The answer is phmneh. It helps to specifically get women who like that particular style of fashion. It may also make people think you are a ill c*nt for wearing those poorly clothes. It may not even change a woman’s mind in the slightest, because she specifically does not give a flying poop what you wear.

What is my advice though?

Well, I would say compromise is the answer.

You don’t want to be so fashionable in one direction that your only options are women who like that and only that style, e.g. cheeky Nando’s clothing. You also don’t want to dress like a complete bum as a statement of not caring about fashion, because all that is going to do is make a lot of people think you are a bum as their first impression of you.

Wear clothes that you think look good on you.

People say go for something that has a decent fit. Thing is, it depends on your body shape. If you are a doughnut lover, it is not gonna work out if you wear a v.tight t-shirt. Avoid dressing like any sort of stereotype, as you will get stereotyped. Try on a bunch of different styles of clothes and see what suits you best, see what colours look best on you. It is a very subjective matter.

Overall, it doesn’t matter that much anyway, because you can always change someone’s judgement of you with your amazing personality. It is just something to take into consideration and something that changes over time.

If something looks too tight, long, short, baggy, colourful or anything to you, then don’t wear it, simple as that. Try not to feel as though you must wear a certain type of clothing because of who you think you are e.g. “I am a goth so I must wear all black” or “I am a Redditor so must wear a fedora”.

Also, convince your mum to stop buying you clothes for you to wear. Buy your own clothes. Try them on before you buy them. Just take into consideration how people may look at you. And also express yourself, for example, I like rock music, so I might wear a rocky t-shirt.

Fashion is such a subjective thing, it can mean a lot to people or not. In terms of finding a girlfriend, choose what kind of girlfriend you want to find and then dress in a way that would not repulse her. All in all, being fashionable is not necessary to find a cool girlfriend so I would say fashion is a fairly low priority, however a lot of people would disagree with me. It’s up to you.

Hi 5, a not very helpful post! x

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