Sexy ass eye contact to become the ultimate player

Just kidding, being a ‘player’ is not cool…at all. It is just douchebaggery.

Eye contact. It is all over every self-help guide ever. Is it powerful? yeah. Is it misunderstood? A little. Lemme get it straightened up for ya buddy…

So when you make eye contact with a girl, does that make her attracted to you? Nah, sorry to break it to you. So what does eye contact do? Basically, where ever you look, that¬†communicates that you are interested in whatever that thing is you are looking at. This could be a bench, a fish or another human. When you look into another human’s eyes, they can sense that you are interested in them. That is all though. It isn’t gonna get you laid 10 times a day but it definitely is crucial and necessary for creating a connection with someone.

People read this advice and then paedo-stare into a girl’s eyes until you both feel very uncomfortable. This is what happens when you take advice and use it as a crutch. The eye contact is 100% necessary but if that is all you are doing, then you are being creepy because your intentions are not clear. Don’t just stare. Look into a girl’s eyes whilst letting out a natural smile to show you are friendly. Don’t stare at a stranger who is far away unless you are going to beckon them over or something. Look into her eyes when you are talking to her. [side note: girls can notice when you are staring at their lips and boobs, so only do that when it is obvious that you like each other]Please do not worry about holding eye contact for too long. This is only a problem if you are staring creepily with no other form of expression. The more you look into a girls eyes, the more it seems that you are interested. Don’t be afraid to look away either, especially if you see her becoming uncomfortable. Just know, that if all seems well, there is no need to ever look away… pretty much.

Now there is a specific type of eye contact that really does have power. And this is called a gaze. A gaze is a beautiful moment when you are looking deeply into someone’s eyes whilst not saying much or anything at all. Holding this for a moment with someone creates a deep mutual feeling of connection. The reason is, due to the lack of talking, it is clearly communicated that all that the two of you are thinking about is each other. It truly is a beautiful moment. This can also can make a girl feel very comfortable as she will know for sure that you are interested in her and what your intentions are and she will no longer have to worry about ‘what is up’. You cannot ‘perform’ a gaze on a girl, it must be mutual and only comes about later on, after a significant feeling of connection has been established.

Love you long time x

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