Embarrassment is a silly emotion

I want you to learn the skills of a psychopath. Not to do bad but to bring happiness to your life. Am I a psychopath? I don’t know, maybe. I don’t even know if that is a real thing but whatever… Embarrassment:

So you are in school and and someone pulls down your trousers in the playground and everybody sees and laughs. Now in your head you are thinking that your ‘social value’ has decreased and everybody looks down on you. You think they are laughing because they can see how pathetic you are and that you are a loser. This feeling is embarrassment or humiliation. Don’t ask me why you feel this. I could hypothesise but I have no idea to be honest, go do a psychology masters about it and tell me. Anyway, this feeling is a lie. A complete lie!

And here is why… Those kids were not laughing at you. They were laughing at how ridiculous the situation is. Some kid just got his trousers pulled down. That doesn’t make sense in an exaggerated way, which is the key to comedy. People usually wear their trousers, someone’s trousers being pulled down is silly.

Now fast forward to your life right now… that childhood experience is quite traumatic and you try your best to avoid that type of situation as much as possible. So… you think about going up and talking to a girl… and your imagination tells you that you might get rejected. Your imagination then tells you that everyone is going to point and laugh and think you are a massive loser. In reality… nobody cares. You are not that important to strangers. How do I know this? We all are actually very similar. This is key to connecting with humans. I want YOU to imagine seeing a guy getting rejected. Would you point and laugh? Nope. Would you think he was a massive loser? Nope. Would your friends? Nope. Yeah, most people wouldn’t give a flying shit either. Most people are more concentrated on themselves to give a second to recognise how much of a loser you just made of yourself. Glad we cleared that up.

Now, this is how a psychopath like me thinks… I sum up advantages and disadvantages to stuff and then evolve accordingly by deleting crappy, outdated human programming that doesn’t benefit me. So, the feeling of embarrassment… does it every help you in any situation? Nah. It doesn’t. Remove that nonsense from your system, it is a virus. Whenever you think about embarrassment, tackle your brain into submission and force it brutally into thinking embarrassment is  load of bullshit. Hate it. Loathe it. Destroy it. Evolve.

Sayonara x


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