Being robotic

When you take advice from people, it is very easy to follow it religiously. Its like living your life within a rule or equation. The bad thing about this is that it kills the fluidity of… you. This is especially true when PUA’s give you techniques.

[ A PUA is a pick-up-artist by the way, evil people. Not really, but they give men bad advice all the time that produces weirdos and also they profit out of this bad advice. They are not actually evil though.]

It is the worst. I mean, there is nothing wrong with having a few tools up your sleeve for specific situations. But living your life under some holy rule a PUA gave you turns you into a socially retarded robot which makes you come across as non-human and therefore not readable and therefore a potential threat. Let’s start with chat up lines or routines… No. Stop doing that.

I am glad we covered that. Next, the ‘breaking rapport voice’ that apparently builds attraction. No, stop.

F*ck the ‘neg’.

F*ck ‘peacocking’

F*ck pretty much any technique a PUA gave you to use in every situation.

The thing with techniques that you learn is that you can have a placebo effect. This means that you learn this trick, and then you believe in yourself more and are more comfortable to do something so it works a couple of times but then you use it as a crutch and it doesn’t work anymore.

This post is more of a short rant. Just stop all the weird PUA shit. Do you know how many idiots I have seen, run up to a girl and say ‘hi, i just saw you and thought you were cute so I just had to come and meet you’ in the same vocal tone and then proceed to ‘hand of god’ her and then ‘kino*’ her and spin her around 400 times until her clothes fly off.

*Side note: please do not ever believe that poking a girl on the hand, then the arm and then her back will ever turn her on. It’s quite funny how PUA’s managed to get guys to believe in that stuff. The power of authority amazes me.

I think you get the point, rant over.

Still love you x



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