Alpha male Shmalpha male…

In those cool-ass Red Pill forums on Reddit, it probably said somewhere, something along the lines of ‘be alpha’ or ‘alpha as f*ck’ or ‘dude, that is so alpha, let me suck your alpha d*ck, omg auaguah that alphaness mmmmmm’. OK, I took it too far…

This advice (which is all over the PUA community too) is a pile of bull. Thinking you are ‘alpha’ is just an ego trap. It’s a very good way to make someone feel powerful and a good manipulative way of making a business out of nerdy Dota 2 players like you. Just kidding, I love you long time.

So, the common internet/pseudo-scientific theory basically says that you have cool as balls ‘alpha’ males that women swoon for, and ‘betas’ that women poo on.

Is this true statistically?

Few men are frequently sexually active with women. That much is probably true…

If you’ve ever seen people on camera who think they are ‘gangster’, they are kinda just making a mockery of themselves… These so-called alpha males seem to be able to do things without over-thinking. This is of benefit to them as they can talk to people and make moves on women pretty much care-free.

The sole problem with this though, is that it is not very connectable.

Yes, they can get laid, because they actually go for it, but they are usually single because women don’t see much long-term relationship material in them. Being alpha is about thinking you are better than others. In reality, people are fundamentally the same and so thinking  that you are above others is just being a douche.

Yes, alpha douche.

When you think you are ‘alpha’, it comes across in your communication. It comes across as obnoxious, blasé and inconsiderate. All that matters is you. It shows you literally don’t give a firetruck about anyone. (There is a misconception about ‘not giving a f*ck’ and it can be taken too far. I will cover this in another post.)

What is much better overall, is to see everyone as equals, not put yourself on a pedestal, and just accept that you are the same as everyone else and that is OK.

The lesson here is: Don’t be an ‘alpha’ douchebag and accept that you are just a mere pathetic human, and that is the key to connecting with other pathetic human beings.

Much love x


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